Nos vins

Determination to produce top quality wines has guided the choice of investiments undertaken every year with the intention of ever improving our wine-making techniques.
The wines are vinified in tanks of the most modern technology. They are entirely temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks with automatic systems to empty out the solid residue of the marc. These ten 1000 hectolitres tanks have two compartments. The top half (600 hectolitres) for vinification and the lower part for storage. An « oenomix » robot system allows optimum extraction of colour and tannins.

Our concrete tanks have been renovated. Concrete ensures thermal stability and a more rapid clarification of the wines.
The vinifications are carried out in tanks with permanent temperature-control systems. The high performance pneumatic presses enoure the gentlest possible threatment for the grapes.
A battery of oak barrels (renewed every 3 years) facilitates the quality of work on the structure of the wines and inproves the factors that make them wines to keep.
The bottling is carried out with the latest bottling plant-yet again enourning the greatest respect for the aromas and flavours of the wines.
Quality is the priority. With this object in mind, in 2001, St Paulet Vignobles focused on the need of tracability especially of the selected plots of vines in order to guarantee the quality of the wines produced.


Société Qualité