Nos vins

« St Paulet vignobles » has always respected selective quality criteria and reaped the benefit of these efforts when Côtes du Rhône status was granted in 2001.
The subtle vinification techniques used by St Paulet Vignoble reflect the authenticity of the « terroir » for the appreciation of all wine-lovers.

In this mainly traditional vineyard , the successive generations have gradually enlarged the winery with the greatest of cave to produce the very best quality grapes.
Each stage of the vinification process is checked and controlled by the wine-maker and his team of cellar-workers. From the reception of the fresh harvest which is sorted according to the characteristics of the grapes ; to the bottling process, the meticulous care of the winemaker works in harmony with Nature for the vinification of each « cuvée ».
The very top quality « cuvées » have won several medals especially gold medals at the Concours General Agricole de Paris and at local fairs such as the « Foire d’Orange ».


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